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To Cure Financial Ills, First Identify Your Concerns

April 30, 2018

When we go to the doctor, we often don’t know exactly what is wrong. Maybe we have specific symptoms or just a nagging feeling that our health isn’t what it should be. We seek a doctor to give us a diagnosis, but first we need to describe what’s bothering us.

It's the same with financial advice...

identify financial concerns


Many people begin by setting financial goals or objectives. However, a better approach is to first identify what about your finances doesn’t feel right.

This approach is more helpful because, just like going to the doctor, describing and clearly pinpointing things that are bothering you can help develop real solutions. It’s a more constructive approach that saves time and produces better results.

Since you’re reading this, maybe you’ve already realized something about your wealth is troubling you.

Uncovering Financial Concerns

Based on over three decades of working with financially successful people, we find that although most have identified some financial concerns before contacting us, almost none have thought through all of their concerns.

For example, while asking whether they are on track for retirement, they’ll remember something else that worries them, like a home mortgage payoff decision. Often we help identify issues they hadn’t even considered, such as whether existing advisors are collaborating on their behalf. A lack of collaboration can mean missed opportunities, such as tax reduction and other wealth enhancement steps.

Often, unrecognized concerns become just as important as the primary reason they reached out to us.

Identifying these concerns isn’t always easy. You don’t know what you don’t know, right? However, once all financial concerns are uncovered, you may feel more confident and in control.  

In our experience, client concerns generally fall into one or more of 10 categories.

To uncover your top financial concerns, download this checklist. You can print it and score the concerns that apply to you on a scale of 1 to 5.

Taking the Next Step

Once you have identified your concerns, you can more easily find optimal solutions to overcome those concerns and realize your financial goals and objectives.

After all, you’ve worked hard to achieve financial success – don’t miss the opportunity to improve your financial position by ignoring a nagging concern. Take this first important step and increase your chances of achieving financial peace of mind.

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