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Get More from Your Charitable Giving

November 27, 2018
For many, charitable giving is something of an afterthought. You hear about a natural disaster in the news, or maybe find out your church is taking up a special collection for the homeless. You open your checkbook along with your heart and give. What [...]
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Making Contributions That Will Provide Benefits In Other Countries

July 30, 2018
People have many reasons for wanting to make charitable contributions that will have an impact outside the United States.  Some are responding to natural disasters; others seek to alleviate problems in countries they have visited.
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Kids Are Clueless About Their Parents' Charitable Giving

July 28, 2018
A recent study showed that 77 percent of children age 17 and younger were not aware of the charitable giving of their parents or were not sure of how or to whom their parents give. If children do not know of their parents’ charitable giving, the children [...]
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How to Find Success through Gratitude

July 24, 2018
Something I hear frequently from potential clients and new clients is: “I’d like to be more generous with my money, but I have to worry about my own family first.” It’s a perfectly logical sentiment. But as clients stay with us over time, I notice it’s [...]
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Flexible Philanthropy

July 12, 2018
Everyone appreciates the value of philanthropy. Now it is becoming easier than ever to give to your favorite charitable cause. Several financial service organizations, such as Fidelity and Vanguard, have addressed this issue by offering programs that [...]
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Get More from Your Giving

October 24, 2017
The Situation
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A Different Type of Philanthropy

October 12, 2017
You probably have charitable causes which you feel strongly about. You want to contribute to organizations that seek to solve a particular social, health, environmental, or educational problem. You also want to make sure that your donations are having an [...]
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Fish or Fishing: How to Make Your Charitable Contributions Count

December 5, 2013
Our last WEALTHWISE, about including philanthropy in your life, moved some to contact us, so we decided to continue the conversation in this issue. Apparently a number of you are interested in making your giving more impactful. But what is the best way [...]
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Investing in the New “B” Corporations: How to Make Money AND Make a Difference

September 25, 2013
Many people today find themselves seeking a deeper level of fulfillment in their lives. As an investor, one way is to consider allocating your capital to maximize not just your financial returns, but your impact on the world. Such investing is becoming [...]
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Volunteering – Is as Good as Taking your Vitamin Cs

November 28, 2011
Have you thought about retiring, already have retired, or know someone that is about to? Okay, now what, golfing, traveling, reading books? Sounds like fun, but Mitch Anthony, author of The New Retirementality, emphasizes the importance of replacing our [...]
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