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The Fee-Only Hoax

March 11, 2020
When it comes to advisor compensation, general advice appearing in the media and other outlets recommends a “fee-only” advisor. Fee only has become synonymous with objective financial advice. It’s wise to seek objective advice because, when there is a [...]
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Preparing to Interview Wealth Managers

January 15, 2020
Hopefully, you now feel confident in your ability to find your ideal wealth manager. You have done your homework in terms of what you want from an wealth manager, and you’ve picked a handful of advisors who may be a good fit.
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How To Compensate Your Ideal Wealth Manager

September 17, 2019
How you compensate a financial advisor is arguably the most important determinant of your level of satisfaction with their services. As the famous catchphrase “follow the money” from All the President’s Men suggests, money influences behavior. There is a [...]
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5 Traits of a Qualified Financial Sounding Board

June 11, 2019
Most people appreciate the benefit of having a sounding board - someone they can bounce ideas off - for decision-making purposes. The opportunity to “think out loud” and get feedback from someone we respect and who understands us can be helpful. A [...]
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Ready! Set! Evaluate Carefully...Implement Wisely!

August 10, 2018
A great deal of time and ink has been taken up in the financial media these days with suggestions about the “right” kinds of investments to hold at this time.  We here at PartnersInWealth recognize the appeal of well-promoted investment tools and are [...]
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Why Owning Mutual Funds Should Give You Peace of Mind

August 8, 2018
Honesty and transparency are important when choosing investments.  Choices for investors can run the spectrum from highly regulated to little to no oversight.  And often, even the sophisticated investor can underestimate the nature of an investment whose [...]
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How You Could Be Setting Yourself Up To Lose $30,000

July 25, 2018
Are you paying attention to the fees that are being withdrawn from the mutual funds you own? All mutual funds charge investors internal management fees, commonly referred to as the expense ratio, that are assessed as a percent of how much money an [...]
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How To Prepare If Interest Rates Rise

July 19, 2018
A client asked me the other day about interest rates and how they could impact his savings. These days, and when the Federal Reserve has its monetary policy meetings, the media’s most prominent question is: Will they raise interest rates?
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What Do Rising Interest Rates in 2017 Mean To You?

February 7, 2017
The situation
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Markets Over-Valued? Here’s your next move.

January 11, 2017
The situation
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