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The PersonalCFO and 360° Financial Management

August 4, 2020
A PersonalCFO can handle many of the personal financial issues you may be facing. From financial planning to tax management to estate planning, a PersonalCFO will follow a systematic approach that takes the guesswork out of your finances and helps [...]
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How a PersonalCFO Improves Investment Results

July 21, 2020
The way most financially successful families manage their investments—on their own, using an advisor, or some combination of the two—has several shortcomings.
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The Unfortunate Truth about Private Equity Investing

July 7, 2020
Private equity (PE) is a method of investing where the investor places capital directly into companies that are not listed on a public exchange. Investing $100,000 into a small, local manufacturing company is just one example of a PE investment. PE is [...]
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We Are in a Recession. What Does that Mean for Your Investments?

May 19, 2020
Most economists agree that the United States is now in a recession. A recession is a period of economic contraction, where businesses see less demand for their products and services, and many lose money. This tends to keep unemployment higher than [...]
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Improve Your Financial Results in Uncertain Times

May 12, 2020
The financial devastation of the coronavirus is evident, but here in Texas we have the double whammy of the coronavirus AND very low oil prices. Most troubling, the length and severity of this one-two punch is unknown. For many people, their personal [...]
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Want to Achieve Your Financial Goals? Learn How Here.

April 28, 2020
Setting financial goals is relatively easy compared to the tedious task of monitoring progress towards those goals. That’s because monitoring takes ongoing commitment. You must try to surmount the inevitable roadblocks that arise while progressing [...]
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The Real Reason You’re Not Satisfied with Your Wealth Management

April 21, 2020
The financial services industry is well equipped to assist wealthy families and individuals with traditional financial concerns like tax reduction, investing, insurance, and estate planning.
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Worried About Your Investments? Here’s Reassurance.

April 7, 2020
You are aware of the COVID-19 outbreak and the effect it’s having on world financial markets. If you are keeping a long-term perspective and are okay with not making changes to your portfolio, congratulations! That’s exactly the mindset needed to have a [...]
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The Fee-Only Hoax

March 11, 2020
When it comes to advisor compensation, general advice appearing in the media and other outlets recommends a “fee-only” advisor. Fee only has become synonymous with objective financial advice. It’s wise to seek objective advice because, when there is a [...]
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Preparing to Interview Wealth Managers

January 15, 2020
Hopefully, you now feel confident in your ability to find your ideal wealth manager. You have done your homework in terms of what you want from an wealth manager, and you’ve picked a handful of advisors who may be a good fit.
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