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Preparing to Interview Wealth Managers

January 15, 2020

Hopefully, you now feel confident in your ability to find your ideal wealth manager. You have done your homework in terms of what you want from an wealth manager, and you’ve picked a handful of advisors who may be a good fit.


We recommend having a 15 to 30-minute telephone interview with each perspective wealth manager. Your research has given you an understanding of who they are and how they operate “on paper,” but a personal conversation can give you a different and often helpful perspective. This also can save time as it may weed out some advisors. The purpose of the phone conversation is to gain a preliminary understanding of how the wealth manager communicates and if they are a fit with your expectations, and to confirm or clarify certain aspects of your background research.

Referring to our Guide to Interviewing a Wealth Manager, we recommend focusing on the section titled Do They Solve Problems/Concerns Like Mine? Specifically, the first three questions in that section may give you some good insights:

1. Describe the profile of your ideal client in terms of age, family situation, level of wealth, and values?
2. What problems/concerns are clients typically facing when they first come to you?
3. What are the one or two things your firm is really good at?

You may have other questions that arose from your pre-call research or other questions from the Guide that may be helpful to have answered prior to a face-to-face meeting. We encourage you to treat this call as a high-level “good fit” call and save a more through conversation for a face-to-face meeting (if possible), as you will learn a lot from personally interacting with the wealth manager and seeing their environment.


The phone interview may have narrowed down your options to a few wealth managers. Now you will want to have an in-person meeting with each advisor, if possible, or meet via Facetime/Skype over the internet. Either way, this is an opportunity to have an in-depth and comprehensive conversation with each advisor. The following Guide to Interviewing a Wealth Manager, provides questions to consider.


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