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Making Contributions That Will Provide Benefits In Other Countries

July 30, 2018
People have many reasons for wanting to make charitable contributions that will have an impact outside the United States.  Some are responding to natural disasters; others seek to alleviate problems in countries they have visited.
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Kids Are Clueless About Their Parents' Charitable Giving

July 28, 2018
A recent study showed that 77 percent of children age 17 and younger were not aware of the charitable giving of their parents or were not sure of how or to whom their parents give. If children do not know of their parents’ charitable giving, the children [...]
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Is a Big Retirement Move for You?

July 26, 2018
In the past we discussed how you can create a new lifestyle by moving to a different part of your own city. But as a retiree, you may have an even bigger change in mind. Many retirees move to completely different parts of the country or even to foreign [...]
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How You Could Be Setting Yourself Up To Lose $30,000

July 25, 2018
Are you paying attention to the fees that are being withdrawn from the mutual funds you own? All mutual funds charge investors internal management fees, commonly referred to as the expense ratio, that are assessed as a percent of how much money an [...]
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How to Find Success through Gratitude

July 24, 2018
Something I hear frequently from potential clients and new clients is: “I’d like to be more generous with my money, but I have to worry about my own family first.” It’s a perfectly logical sentiment. But as clients stay with us over time, I notice it’s [...]
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How To Prepare If Interest Rates Rise

July 19, 2018
A client asked me the other day about interest rates and how they could impact his savings. These days, and when the Federal Reserve has its monetary policy meetings, the media’s most prominent question is: Will they raise interest rates?
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Decision Time: How to Pick the Right Financial Advisor

July 13, 2018
Choosing a wealth manager who you can trust with your financial future is one of life’s most important decisions. That’s a strong statement, but a good financial advisor can help grow your wealth just a few percentage points faster than you otherwise [...]
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Flexible Philanthropy

July 12, 2018
Everyone appreciates the value of philanthropy. Now it is becoming easier than ever to give to your favorite charitable cause. Several financial service organizations, such as Fidelity and Vanguard, have addressed this issue by offering programs that [...]
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Do Your Homework: How to Prepare to Interview a Wealth Manager

July 9, 2018
As someone who has received thousands of inquiries from people seeking a financial advisor, I can confidently say most advice-seekers aren’t well prepared to meet with an advisor. People tend to react to what an advisor says, rather than ask purposeful [...]
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Educating Young People About Money

July 7, 2018
Whenever I tell clients that I have something that will help them to educate their children about money, most of them are eager to listen. By teaching children the fundamentals of money management, a parent can help them make sound financial decisions as [...]
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