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How To Successfully Monitor Your Financial Goals

April 10, 2019
How to Successfully Monitor Your Financial Goals Setting financial goals is relatively easy compared to the tedious task of monitoring progress towards those goals. That’s because monitoring takes ongoing commitment. You must make an effort to surmount [...]
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How to Set Goals and Take Charge of Your Wealth

March 12, 2019
How to Set Goals and Take Charge of Your Wealth Setting financial goals and determining how to monitor your progress is the first step and arguably the most important aspect of managing your wealth. Without clearly defined financial goals, your financial [...]
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Gain Unmatched Control of Your Wealth with a Financial Dashboard

February 5, 2019
Imagine looking at your car’s dashboard and seeing only the speedometer. If the gas gauge and other important instruments were missing, it would be unsettling. It would impair your confidence because you would worry about running out of gas and other [...]
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Why Legacy Planning Is Important

December 11, 2018
The concept of legacy planning – a multi-generational planning approach focused on smooth wealth transitions, reduced family discord, and effective preservation of family values and leadership – is critical to preserving generational wealth. 
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Get More from Your Charitable Giving

November 27, 2018
For many, charitable giving is something of an afterthought. You hear about a natural disaster in the news, or maybe find out your church is taking up a special collection for the homeless. You open your checkbook along with your heart and give. What [...]
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Year-End 2018 Tax Planning to Reduce Taxes

November 19, 2018
As we approach year-end we urge you to be proactive with tax planning as the tax reduction ideas below need to be implemented prior to December 31, 2018. Here are five ideas that may help reduce your taxes. 
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Turn Mundane Into Thankfulness

November 13, 2018
A pastor friend of mine had a knack for turning issues on their head, so you would see them from different angles. He sent me a list that comes to mind when I face difficult circumstances and feel tempted to complain. By flipping into a mindset of [...]
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Should I Purchase Long Term Care Insurance?

November 1, 2018
Long term care is something that many people hear about.  However, they are unsure whether or not they should purchase it.  Many people do not want to think about it.  Others don’t know enough about it and are concerned about making a wrong decision.
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Staying Positive In A Negative-News-Cycle World

September 28, 2018
Watching the daily news, it’s easy to become a cynic. The media follows an “if-it-bleeds-it-leads” mentality, emphasizing the worst of what’s happening in the world around us. National tragedies are covered in real time, to a sometimes unnecessary degree [...]
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Understand the Facts Before Paying Off Your Mortgage (Part 2)

August 27, 2018
Part one of this two-part message addressed the fact that paying off one's mortgage is often an emotional decision that does not always make financial sense. Many homeowners are driven by the allure of not having to make mortgage payments. The thought of [...]
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