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The Unfortunate Truth about Private Equity Investing

July 7, 2020
Private equity (PE) is a method of investing where the investor places capital directly into companies that are not listed on a public exchange. Investing $100,000 into a small, local manufacturing company is just one example of a PE investment. PE is [...]
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Six Unconventional Ways to Successfully Manage Your Wealth

July 1, 2020
Have you noticed similarities in the services offered by most personal financial advisors and their firms? To see, just review the website of a few advisors and try to discern any meaningful difference between them. I think you will find the exercise [...]
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Seven Reasons PartnersInWealth is Preferentially Different

June 23, 2020
Welcome to a different type of financial advisory service – a PersonalCFO. The PartnersInWealth business model is tailored to meet the needs of financially successful households with complex situations. While it’s a growing trend, there are only a select [...]
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Examples of Problems PartnersInWealth Solves for Clients

June 16, 2020
The most effective way to help you understand the types of client problems we solve may be through actual client case studies. On the PartnersInWealth website we have 12 unique examples that describe the challenge clients faced, our solution, and the [...]
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The History of PartnersInWealth

June 9, 2020
The founder of PartnersInWealth, James R Waters, began helping financially successful households and individuals manage their finances in the mid-1980s. After a decade working as a financial planner for a large firm and uncomfortable with [...]
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How to Motivate Your Wealth Manager to do Their Best Work

June 4, 2020
How you compensate a financial advisor is arguably the most important determinant of your level of satisfaction with their services. There is a lot of consumer misunderstanding about how to best compensate an advisor. Most consumers also do not recognize [...]
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Better Business Bureau Recognizes PartnersInWealth with the 2020 Award for Service Excellence

June 2, 2020
In recognizing businesses for their achievements and commitment to quality in the workplace, PartnersInWealth has received the Better Business Bureau 2020 Award for Service Excellence. This is the sixth time PartnersInWealth has been recognized by the [...]
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Make Your Financial Life Simple Again

May 26, 2020
When I was a kid, I had a collection of matchbox cars – my most valuable possession at the time.  They were kept in a special box, so I always knew where they were. Life was simple. Life was good. And that box made me feel secure. Do you remember having [...]
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We Are in a Recession. What Does that Mean for Your Investments?

May 19, 2020
Most economists agree that the United States is now in a recession. A recession is a period of economic contraction, where businesses see less demand for their products and services, and many lose money. This tends to keep unemployment higher than [...]
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Improve Your Financial Results in Uncertain Times

May 12, 2020
The financial devastation of the coronavirus is evident, but here in Texas we have the double whammy of the coronavirus AND very low oil prices. Most troubling, the length and severity of this one-two punch is unknown. For many people, their personal [...]
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