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Do Your Homework: How to Prepare to Interview a Wealth Manager

July 9, 2018

As someone who has received thousands of inquiries from people seeking a financial advisor, I can confidently say most advice-seekers aren’t well prepared to meet with an advisor. People tend to react to what an advisor says, rather than ask purposeful questions. Instead of following a clear agenda, they improvise.

This lack of preparedness is understandable. Most people lead busy lives. What’s more, they don’t know where to find the information that can best equip them to have purposeful and highly productive dialogues with advisors.

How to Interview a Wealth Manager

Our Guide to Interviewing a Wealth Manager may help. It’s a best practices guide to getting the information you need from an advisor. The approach and questions mapped out in our guide can help you determine if an advisor is right for you.

First Things First    

Before you interview anyone, do some research. Are you aware that much of the information you want to know about individual advisors and firms is readily available online?

Important information including services, experience, compensation and any regulatory disciplinary actions is available free of charge. You don’t even have to disclose that you’re accessing it. Our guide An Easy and Free Method to Finding the Perfect Financial Advisor can teach you where to find and access this information.

Purposeful Meetings are Productive

After doing your research, read our Guide to Interviewing a Wealth Manager to learn important tips and how to ask insightful questions that will reveal telling nuggets of information about an advisor and lead to a deeper understanding of the advisor and their firm.

The level of success you have achieved has come through being prepared. Why treat the search for a wealth manager any differently? By doing research and using our Guide, you will feel confident and in control. Best of all, you will increase your odds of obtaining the desired result - the perfect wealth manager to assist you and your family.

Download Guide to Interviewing a Wealth Manager

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