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Examples of the Problems a PersonalCFO Can Solve

July 28, 2020

Everyone comes to PartnersInWealth with different issues—challenges that aren't getting resolved on their own or by traditional financial advisors

A PersonalCFO understands that each client has unique needs and problems. Yet although no two financial situations are the same, they are often equally complex. This is especially true for high-net-worth households.

Below is a sample of the problems many affluent families like yours may face—needs that a PersonalCFO can help resolve so you can move forward with confidence.

A need for financial planning to accelerate net worth: You may be realizing that the chances of achieving your financial goals would be greatly increased if your goals were well-defined and you had a plan to get there.

A need to improve investment performance: Your investments may not be growing at a satisfactory rate, and you may worry that you will not reach financial independence.

A need to save time and relieve financial burdens: You may be struggling to manage your finances while keeping up with your family, career, civic, and social obligations, leaving you feeling worn down.

A need for a sounding board for important financial decisions: You may feel unsure about decision to be made and want an objective, knowledgeable and trustworthy confidant to guide you.

A need for increased control over finances: You may feel frustrated by an inability to gain control over your complex financial situation and its associated incomprehensible monthly statements and piles of paperwork.

A need to decrease income taxes: You may be consistently paying excess taxes which robs you of capital that you can use to live better now and in the future.

A need to enhance the effectiveness of other advisors: Your accountant and other advisors (attorney, investment advisor, insurance agent) may not collaborate on your behalf. This is a shame because a collective brainstorm periodically may generate ideas that will improve your financial situation, maybe substantially.

If you would like to see specific examples of how we implement the solutions above check out our Case Studies.

If any of these problems sound familiar, let's discuss your situation to see if a PersonalCFO is best for you.


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